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Welcome To The Summerhouse Fur Baby Gallery !

Hello ! 

Recent feedback from young people (9 - 16 years)  has shown that to be able to see pictures of fluffy, cute animals can really help them relax, manage stress and feel happier in themselves. So here is a gallery of our 'furry family and friends' here at Summerhouse Services ! Names are changed to protect their privacy and their respective human guardians are not identified as pet theft is on the rise ! 

If you would like your fur baby added to the gallery, email Penny at with a photo, short description of your furry friend and what you would like their Alias to be ! All pets are welcome, large and small from ferrets to fish.  !

 Say 'hello' to 'Socks'! Cute, cuddly & adorable ! She loves playing, snuggling ​under the duvet and having tummy tickles ! 

​ This little cutie is 'Delilah'! She's looking very smart in her bandana ! Delilah loves playing, & pats & she just wants to be friends with everybody !

'Rosco' is a super soppy wanabee race horse ! He loves pats and polos !.....he can sniff them out from a mile off !​​

Sausage enjoys a good snooze & can often be found in sunny spots, boxes and airing cupboards ! 

Take a gander at this honky pair ! Snickers and Wellybob are a mischievous pair who are also good guard geese ! 

Say 'hello' to Boris the the Lop-eared bunny ! He loves burrowing in the Summerhouse Office , carrots & salt & vinegar crisps! 

Here is little Tibbles ...she is a super slinky expert at relaxing in the sunshine ! Always up for smooths and tuna !

This happy little chap is Hercules ! What he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality ! Favourite things are socks, paint brushes & sausages !

 Fur Baby Vacancy !

​ Fur Baby Vacancy !

Fur Baby Vacancy !

Fur Baby Vacancy !

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