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Supportive Mental Health Focused Awareness Workshops

For Family & Friends of Children & Young People

Welcome to the family and friends area of Summerhouse Services!

Please take a few minutes to have a look around as we have a growing selection of one day workshops (face-to-face and virtual) that offer safe, friendly, professional and neutral spaces, just for you, to gain insights into the various experiences young people may have in relation to their mental health and resilience and to pick up approaches, tips, tricks and tools, that can help them cope with the ups and downs of life in different ways.  

We are very mindful of not only of the courage it can take a parent, other carer, or friend to come to this type of training, but the distress it can cause a person to acknowledge that their young person may be having difficulties with their mental health in any way. We therefore take a sensitive and supported approach to all workshops and create a space that feels comfortable and relaxed,  for you get the most out of the day. People that come to these workshops are subsequently often surprised that they find the day enjoyable as well as informative.

We also try and maintain a balance between valuing these offers, as well as keeping costs to you reasonable and offering you value for money to boot! If, however, you find the standard costs difficult, please do not hesitate to contact Penny and we will aim to help wherever we can. 

If you would like to have an informal chat about any aspect of these workshops, or our other services, or have any queries prior to the workshop day, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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